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Relationship therapy and individual therapy

Therapy via Webcam!
Personal attention for your challenges, without a waiting list, no need to travel to your therapist, no sitting in a waiting room. If this appeals to you, then therapy via a webcam is an ideal solution. Both for individuals and couples, as long as you have a computer with a webcam or a Smartphone. Sessions are held using the Zoom App.

Free try-out
Send an email to make a first appointment to meet your therapist. This first session is free, lasts about 20 minutes and gives you the opportunity to see whether it “clicks” between us and if this way of working suits you.

Future sessions are agreed on between you and your therapist.

General Information
There are several therapy “schools”. I work using the principles of the Directive Therapy. In brief this means:

  • Short duration – usually between 10 and 15 sessions
  • Active participation – the therapist collaborates with you to create assignments – to be practiced by you at home
  • Eclectic – the therapist uses interventions from any “school”, based on how effective they are expected to be in your specific situation

Your therapist
Your therapist is Markus van Alphen, a psychologist with a Masters degree specializing in Clinical Psychology. He works using the latest insights and research. In order to guarantee quality, he keeps a low case load and therefore only works as therapist a few hours per week.

English or Dutch
Sessions may be held in either language.

Waiting list
There is no waiting list.

What does it cost?
Visit the page on charges by clicking here.

Payment is up-front using PayPal, BitCoin or by bank transfer. On making an appointment a digital invoice will be mailed to you.

Privacy is paramount. I do not furnish any information to others, neither to insurance companies. If you pay using PayPal or Bitcoin, I don’t even know your address!

Apply now
Send an email to and let’s get cracking.